Vladimir Bindeman is the founder, the creative leader of the bureau "Architekturium", a member of “the Union of Moscow Architects”

   He was born in 1960 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Architectural institute in 1983 with honors. After graduation he worked in Central Scientific Research Institute of standard and experimental designing of trade and on-site buildings (subsequently CSRID of the cities reconstruction) in Felix Novikov and Grigory Sayevich's workshop where Vladimir participated in designing of the tourist centers, sanatoria and recreation centers. Since 1993 he conducted private practice, from 1995 to 2002 he headed a project bureau of construction and engineering company which built one of the first townhouse settlement in Russia with.

   In 2004 after the win in tender of the magazine “Modern House” for the Novoarkhangelskoye townhouse settlement he founded his own bureau.

   Vladimir Bindeman understands modern architecture as creation skill of the comfortable and well-planned environment, friendly to a man, by means of composite concepts and all of devices available to the architect.

"… I like wholeness that is originated not by similarity, but contrast. I like when there is surprise in the building and there is something round the corner or in the courtyard t that you don't wait ..."